Lifestyle | Totally Tennyson Street Crawl

This past Saturday, April 25th was the 5th annual Totally Tennyson 70s-90s themed street crawl. Many of the restaurants, bars, shops, and businesses located on Tennyson from W. 35th to 46th Avenues open up to attendees and offer a “free” takeaway with ticket purchase. Tickets cost $25 with proceeds going directly to 15 local participating schools and includes an awesome 80's cover concert from the 6 Million Dollar Band at the Oriental Theater.

This was my second time attending and my friends and I had a totally fun night! We started at 6pm at Elitch Lanes (which closes May 18th FYI) on the North end, checking in to receive our punch card with all the destinations that were giving things away. Before even leaving that parking lot we received samples from Little Man Ice Cream, some candy, and my friend won two Colorado Rapids tickets from a spin the wheel game! From there we waited in a few different lines to receive a beer sample, food bites, or to browse in some boutiques. About an hour after we began, we reached the South end and took a break to grab a drink and mingle at Local 46. They have a big bar with a pool table and a nice outdoor patio with a bar, tables, fire pits, cornhole, and lots of greenery. 

As we danced our way up the other side of Tennyson we came across a parking lot dance party, a few good-looking new restaurants, and then one more dance party at The Berkeley Inn. After a free beer sample and some dancing we waited a couple minutes for the party bus. Yep, the event had a party bus open to everyone with an event ticket so you could quickly and easily get from one end to the other. It was 9pm and time for us to hit the party bus so we could get to the concert! The party bus lived up to its name as people, myself included, were dancing, sharing pizza, and chatting all under black lights with crazy laser light specks. 

The Oriental Theater was packed full of fun-lovin, costume-wearin people, just as I’d remembered from my first experience. Both times the culminating concert was the highlight of my night and the 6 Million Dollar Band rocked our tube socks off! They played all the best hits from the 80s and sprinkled in a few 70s and 90s jams. My friends and I managed to get front row center and danced our fannies off past midnight. 

If you love a good decade-themed crawl or live cover bands I highly recommend getting tickets to Totally Tennyson next year. We had a great time, got our money’s worth of free samples, discovered some cool new eateries, and danced our way though the 70's, 80's, and 90's. On top of all that we helped raise money for Denver’s public schools, with a total of over $140,000 in the past four years.

Tiffany Candelaria