Steuben's Switches Up Some Dishes

Denver's comfort food favorite Steuben’s (in Uptown & Arvada) is known for their casual diner vibe and home cooking, serving regional comfort food at its finest. Steuben's has always evolved with the times, leading to its long life in Denver, and has recently updated their menu with some tasty, and also healthy, new offerings. We went to their "Media Mixer" last week and tried the tasty new assortment along with some summer cocktails and desserts.


We've always loved their sandwiches, and now they have some lighter items like the Avocado Goddess Toast and the Rachel, a turkey version of a Ruben (pictured below). Both of these were fantastic and flavorful additions to their heartier standbys like Burgers, the Hot Beef Sandwich and Lobster Rolls. New entrees include a Brick Chicken (above) (brick-pressed half chicken which makes the skin extra crispy) with potatoes, veggies and chicken jus and Cayenne Etouffee (think gumbo with sausage, crawfish & shrimp) perfect for the cooler months ahead.

The cocktail menu at Steuben's has always been strong and ranges from light and summery to knock your socks off. The White Negroni looks like pure gin on ice, but it one of the staff's new favorites. Our new favorites (pictured) included That Drink which was a subtle and refreshing vodka, lemon, basil and seltzer cocktail and the No Where to Run with Bulleit Bourbon, lemon, mint, triple sec and seltzer.


Steuben’s is also known to have delicious desserts; we recommend the lovely and light Lemon Icebox Bar or a Salter Caramel Choco-taco filled with their homemade salted caramel ice cream. The Secret Sauce team behind Steuben’s (also Ace and Vesta) are committed to using locally and/or responsibly produced ingredients and each of these locations have been certified as a green business through the EPA and Certifiably Green Denver!

Steuben’s Uptown, 523 E 17 Ave, Denver, CO 80203

Review by Tiffany Candelaria    Photos by Josh Stephens

Steuben's | Comfort Food with Some Twists

Featured on national TV shows including “Food Paradise” and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”, Steuben’s is a local Denver restaurant serving regional comfort food at its finest. It’s is named after a famous Boston restaurant that owner Josh Wolkon’s Great Uncles, Max and Joe, opened in 1945. Hosting Big Band, Jazz, and Swing groups, Steuben’s was once the center of the Boston dining and nightlife scene. Today, the Steuben’s in Denver and Arvada are known for their casual diner vibe and home cooking.

The Rock n' Rye, the Zombie cocktail and Falafel, Pita Platter

The Rock n' Rye, the Zombie cocktail and Falafel, Pita Platter

The menu here isn’t typical diner fare however; there are all kinds of options from healthy to hardy, grilled to fried, vegetarian and pescatarian dishes. To start we had a Hummus, Falafel & Pita appetizer that was fresh and filling. Next, we wanted to try their Lobster Roll because it seemed a surprising dish to see on Steuben’s menu alongside all the decadent comfort food like burgers, six-cheese mac and cheese, and fried chicken.


On that note, we did try out their mac and cheese and fried chicken because that’s what they’re known for. Their 4-piece buttermilk brined chicken was everything fried chicken should be, served with mashed potatoes, a biscuit, and a dish of chicken gravy. They also have a Nashville Hot version on the menu, both only $17. We ordered sides of the six-cheese béchamel mac and cheese and the Crispy Brussels, which were both extremely satisfying sides.


Steuben’s has a whole host of sandwiches as well, like the Cubano, the Monte Cristo, Crispy Fish, and Cheesesteaks. After eating the Lobster Roll, we realized it is comfort food after all, packed full of luscious lobster tossed in a mayo-pickle mixture and placed atop a very tasty, griddled New England split-top roll with a side of crispy fries.

Steuben’s is also known to have delicious desserts; we recommend the lovely and light Lemon Icebox Bar and the chocolaty mousse Mississippi Mud Pie. We also managed to save some room for their homemade ice cream. They just debuted a brand new ice cream sundae, called Muddy Buddy, chosen from tons of online submissions. It’s got little Chex Mix “muddy buddies,” perhaps you know it as “puppy chow”, sprinkled on top with chocolate sauce and peanut butter. You can also get it, or any of their ice creams as a milk shake or malt – excellent alongside their classic burgers.

Lemon Icebox Bar

Lemon Icebox Bar

Speaking of burgers, from 10pm – close you can get one of their burgers, with fries and a beer for only $7! It’s called the Lucky 7 Happy Hour where you lucky late nighters can choose from a burger, grilled cheese, falafel sandwich, or 2-piece fried chicken for only $7 and it’s served with fries and a Genesee Lager!  Whether you come to Steuben’s for the comfort food, delicious drinks, or a tasty treat, you’ll walk away happy and full for a nice price.

Words by Tiffany Candelaria      Photos by Robert Castro

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll