Lifestyle | Juice Cleanses Aren't Just for Hippies | Aspen Juice Review

That's right. Juice cleanses are for beer loving, taco consuming, pizza pioneers too. Anyone can cleanse. As long as they have a sense of dedication and a newfound respect for kale. When we set off on this journey we did not take it lightly... A juice cleanse meant changing our relationship status with food from married to "it's complicated" and that's not something you change overnight... But the benefits outweighed the cons (read: burritos) and we were ready to take on a new challenge.

Three days. Three days! Ha! People have gone longer without even a glass of water-it's going to be a piece of cake! ... Those were my initial thoughts... which quickly evolved into me crawling to the fridge for a juice only to realize it wasn't even noon on my first day. My optimistic outlook changed quicker than Colorado weather on top of Mt. Bierstadt and I slowly began to regret my decision. I made it through the first day with some gripes and groans, a scared cat and a terrified boyfriend. On the second day I woke up with a TON of energy and an eagerness to accomplish my goal. I was one third of the way done and the finish line was in sight. Once you changed your mindset and reprogrammed your brain from thinking: breakfast, lunch, dinner- the entire process was easier. And by the third day it seemed like an old hat. I didn't wake up hungry and only once did I get up, open the pantry, whisper to some almonds and then sit back at my desk. It's the little wins. 

After accomplishing something like this it really puts into perspective how much food humans eat on a daily basis. So much goes into our bodies that has no value. We eat because we're bored or thirsty and minimally because we're hungry. We can survive on just 6 juices a day and better yet-it will make you feel good and lighter too! After three days I had lost 5 pounds and hopefully changed some eating habits along the way.

Aspen Juice is located in Cherry Creek and they are a local, hand pressed, raw juicery. Only the freshest and purest ingredients go into their juices. There are no added preservatives and every juice you get was squeezed fresh by workers in Colorado. 

Mention ULTRA5280 in store or online to receive a 15% discount on your 1,3 or 5 day cleanse. Or if you're looking for a snack I suggest trying their almond milk and date juice-it tastes like a milkshake!

Aspen Juice provided us with a 3 day cleanse- all of the views in this article are my own.