Breckenridge Brewery and Pop Culture Con Launch 2019 Pop Culture Con Beer: Bocks Machina

Breckenridge Brewery and Pop Culture Con (PCC) will officially launch the 2019 Pop Culture Con Beer, Bocks Machina, on May 25th at Monkey Barrel with music, games, cosplay, and the first collectible pint glass giveaway. The beer’s name was the winner of the annual “Name the Beer” contest which beat out hundreds of submissions during the online contest. “Bocks Machina” is a play on the adventure group Vox Machina from the widely popular web series “Critical Role.” The entire cast of the series will be appearing at Pop Culture Con (Critical Role is not affiliated with this promotion).

The 2019 PCC beer features Breckenridge Brewery’s Maibock recipe, which won a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The party is challenged with concocting a malty lager that casts a joyful spell on all whom taste it. Maibock  is a refreshing golden liquid which tastes of honey and grain and smells of sweet fruit.

For the eighth straight year, Breck will be releasing the beer along with limited edition PCC pint glasses. This year’s glass features artwork by local artist Nick Hughes.

After the launch party, Bocks Machina will stay on tap at Monkey Barrel through Pop Culture Con. Other pubs within walking distance to the Colorado Convention Center will serve the beer leading up to and during the event. Follow Breckenridge Brewery on Facebook and Twitter for information on other pint glass giveaway events during Pop Culture Con. This information will also be posted on in the weeks prior to the PCC.


For eight Breckenridge Brewery has brewed a special beer exclusively for Pop Culture Con (formally Denver Comic Con). The first 200 people to this FREE event will receive a limited collector’s seriesBock Machina” pint glass featuring custom design by Colorado artist Nick Hughes. The event will feature an LED Dance Floor, Cosplay contest and a DJ.


Monkey Barrel

4401 Tejon St.

Denver, CO


Saturday,  May 25th

- Doors 7pm

-Cosplay Contest: Winners will get tickets to Pop Culture Con  

- LED Dance Floor

About “Bock Machina!”

Past winners of the "Name the Comic Con Beer" contest are Razznarock, The Fantastic Pour, The Caped Brewsader, Brews Wayne, Hulk's Mash, Snape-ricot, and I Am Brewt.


Launch Party to Take Place Thursday, May 17th at Stoney's Bar and Grill

WHO:  Breckenridge Brewery and Denver Comic Con (DCC) will officially launch the 2018 Comic Con Beer, RAZZNAROK, on May 17th at Stoney's Bar and Grill with live music, games, cosplay, and the first of many collectible pint glass giveaways. The beer’s name was the winner of the annual “Name the Denver Comic Con Beer” contest which beat out more than 800 submissions during the online contest. RAZZNAROK was inspired by the widely popular 2017 Marvel Comic book film: Thor: Ragnarok.

The 2018 DCC beer is a Belgian style witbier brewed with fresh raspberry puree. For the seventh straight year, Breck will be releasing the beer along with limited edition DCC beer pint glasses. This year’s Razznarok glass features artwork by local comic artist Morgan Beem.

After the launch party, RAZZNAROK will stay on tap at Stoney's through Denver Comic Con. Other pubs within walking distance to the Colorado Convention Center will serve the beer leading up to and during the event. Follow Breckenridge Brewery on Facebook and Twitter for information on other pint glass giveaway events during Denver Comic Con. This information will also be posted on in the weeks prior to the DCC.

WHAT: For seven years Breckenridge Brewery has brewed a special beer exclusively for Denver Comic Con (DCC). The first 200 people to this FREE event will receive a limited collector’s series “Razznarok” pint glass featuring custom design by artist Morgan Beem. Colorado's premiere party band, 6 Million Dollar Band will be bringin' the 80s energy to keep the dance floor movin' all night!

WHERE: Stoney's Bar & Grill 1111 Lincoln St. Denver, CO

When:Thursday, May 17th

- Doors 7pm

- Live music by 6 Million Dollar Band 8pm

- DJ 10pm

About “Razznarok!”

Razznarok is a time-honored, Belgian-style ale with a tart pink twist. Brewed with unmalted wheat, orange zest, coriander and fresh raspberry puree, this unfiltered, light-bodied beer has fruity notes of raspberry & citrus, a touch of spice, and a pink blush of color. Refreshing. Surprising. Sprightly. Whimsical.

Past winners of the "Name the Comic Con Beer" contest are The Fantastic Pour, The Caped Brewsader, Brews Wayne, Hulk's Mash, Snape-ricot, and I Am Brewt.


The Story On The New Breckenridge Brewery Artist Series Snowboard

For those of you living under a rock, every year the snowboard and ski season arrives in Denver with the traditional Opening Day Party put on by our good friends at Breckenridge Brewery and every year they pick an artist to design the snowboard for that year. Never Summer Industries in conjunction with Breck Brew giveaway a bunch of these boards all across town at bars and liquor stores. We were fortunate enough to chat with the designers of this years board and how the partnership and inspiration came to be. Check out our interview with Hari &Deepti below.

U5280: How long have you been doing this type of art?

H&D: We started experimenting with paper cut in 2010, so we have been practicing this art form for about 7 years now. 

U5280: Where did the idea for the medium come from and what influences are they associated with?

H&D: Our idea for this medium came by chance. We had signed up to participate for a charity event and had to donate a piece of of our art and we did not realize that the deadline was the next day so we got hold of whatever we had at our disposal - some paper & watercolors and came up with a colored diorama. Later Hari being a graphic designer wanted to work with minimal color and decided to work with white paper and Deepti had this idea of adding lights to it. We tried it out and the result was beyond words. Subconsciously we do derive from the art that surrounds us especially growing up in India. India has a rich culture of hand made arts and one of them is Tholpaavakoothu which is a form of shadow puppetry similar to Wayang Kulit from Bali. We interweaved these influences with our love for nature, and the wilderness in Colorado along with our passion for story telling. We feel our life in Colorado, being around the mountains has had a big effect on our work. We continue to get inspired by the places we travel and try to tell a story of exploration, living among magnificent giants and the nature. 

U5280: It seems that the origin for using paper as a primary medium comes from areas of Japan and China and even Mexico and other latin countries, why is it more popular in those regions than say here in the United States?

H&D: We are not sure if we can throw more light on this. But we do feel in Japan, it is culturally been a very important part of their life. Right from the washi paper screens to the temple lamps,  paper is always the main element and there is a respect to the process and the medium. Similarly other cultures have been working with paper for a long time, and there is definitely an increased interest in paper. Especially in this day and age when information is easily accessible, it is really easy for people to connect with artists and art forms. We get a lot of inquiries from teachers & students regarding our artform and we are really happy to see students interact and interpret this artform in their way and to suit their narratives.

We feel in this fast paced digital word paper is tactile and if forces you to be patient. It is relatively accessible and cost effective in terms of raw material. So maybe thats why there is a lot more interest in paper arts.

U5280: How did the Breck Brew project come to fruition?

H&D: Ryan Workman from Breckenridge had seen our work and had written to us few years back that he would like us to be a part of the Breck Brew project. So in late 2016 we heard back from him saying he was still interested and we jumped on this opportunity. It was a great way giving back to the community and Colorado which has been an integral part of our art journey. The project was an amazing experience, we had a great team at Breck, who gave us a free range in what we wanted to create and the outcome is the result of that collaboration.

U5280: You have been commisioned from everything like bookcovers to window installations and now a snowboard. What is the craziest idea you have ever been approached to work on?

H&D: We think the craziest project we have done is remotely designing an installation for Pure Leaf which was displayed in multiple cities. We got our friends at Wigwam Creative to collaborate with us and we digitally designed the artwork in India which was then laser cut in the Denver and then assembled via facetime/live camera. The final assembly took place in Connecticut and then the artwork travelled multiple cities within six months. 

U5280: Living in Denver the idea from the Breck Brew project has a lot of nods to our amazing landscape, seeing as how your work translates into stories how would you describe (in a story) the idea for the snowboard.

H&D: Colorado has a huge impact on our work and we wanted to capture the spirit of Colorado and the mountain life. This artwork captures a snapshot of when you are hiking /snowboarding and you take a moment to look at the majestic mountains overlooking the lakes with pristine reflections and star filled skies, and this was just an attempt to capture that feeling which every person in Colorado can relate to.

Breckenridge Brewery's Latest Mango Mosaic Is Sure To Be A Hit This Summer

The temperatures are heating up here in Denver as we embark on another season of unpredictable, yet warmer weather. A common tradition for most Coloradans is to make for the outdoors to enjoy what Mother Nature is throwing our way. For us that means enjoying our favorite libations with friends and families. The latest creation from Breckenridge Brewery is their new Mango Mosaic Pale Ale. It creatively brings the fine pairing of fine mosaic hops and fruit to your taste buds. The combination is not overbearing at all all is fully balances the taste with a medium body and goes down as smooth as the mountain rivers. We decided to pair our beer with a fine set of delicious street tacos (Al Pastor Style) that made for a perfect evening.

Mango Mosaic brings a lighter, “hops meets fruit” addition to the brewery's year-round portfolio. Available in 6-packs of 12-oz bottles and on draft, the 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) pale ale will be available in 35 states where Breckenridge Brewery beer is sold.

The beer will be fully stocked at the office this year just in case we want to take our work outdoors to enjoy (or get happy hour started earlier). Th beer perfectly pairs with any fine Carribean dish as well as any spicier combination of food pairing. We enjoyed ours with some dark spicy chocolate that was a match made in heaven.

"We've used Mosaic hops for several years in other beers, and we love the floral, tropical fruit, earthy characteristics that it gives - great aroma and a sweetness unlike other hops we've experimented with," explains Todd Usry, President of Breckenridge Brewery



Lifestyle | The Great American Beer Festival | Review and Photos

The Great American Beer Festival is all about tradition and the present day festival lives up to the high standards set in the earlier years. For example, the first GABF steins were made completely out of glass (whose great idea it was to give a bunch of drunks glass, is beyond us). But, each time someone dropped their cup, the hall would erupt in laughter and shame the poor soul. So now, whenever you hear someone oooh, ahhh, laugh, point, gawk or squeal at someone who has just dropped their tasting cup, it is only the sweet sound of tradition rearing it’s devious head. And it is tradition in itself that has made the GABF the monumental event that it is today. It’s a bunch of easy-going beer lovers, getting together to nerd out and celebrate the artistry of craft beer. And hey, if they can laugh at a few drunk bozos who drop their glass, then it only adds to the fun. 

We were honored and more than excited to cover this year’s festival. If something is going to get us up by noon on a Saturday, you can bet your ass it’s beer. The event was put together very nicely, with minimal to non-existent lines and an eager to help/knowledgeable staff, we were given the tools to explore and make the event our own. With that being said, even if we were sober (which we definitely were not) I still think we would have had a difficult time navigating the arena. The Mountain region was somehow everywhere and nowhere. First it was upper right then it somehow migrated towards the midwest? A thought for next year would be to map it out like America and have the Eastern breweries be on the East and the Western breweries on the West. But what do we know (seriously…) we’re just a couple drunks that were too lazy to open our directory. An added bonus of not knowing where we were was that we threw caution (our detailed and thought out lists) to the wind and followed our beer bellies to the next thrill. Which was everywhere.

Remember that scene in Family Guy where he gets locked in the brewery and drinks his way out? Well, that’s what the Great American Beer Festival is like, except you’re drinking rare, expensive craft beer and there is no bottom of the distilling vessel. With over 750 breweries in the brewery hall and 3,800 beers served there was no possible way to try them all… We don’t all have the tolerance of Peter Griffin.. But with that being said, there were a few that stood out to us.

Mcclain Morris (Lifestyle Editor)

1. Goose Island Beer Company: Lolita

2. Black Bottle: Cerealiously Count Chocula

3.  Revolver Brewing: Sangre Y Miel

4.  Deschutes: Zarabanda Saison

5.  The Perch Pub & Brewery: Perch Belgian Peach 

Matt Smith (Photographer)

1.  Almanac Brewery: Valley of The Heart's Delight

2.  All Rise Brewery: Three Orange Wit

3.  The Collective Brewery: Petite Golden Sour

4.  Santa Fe Brewery:  Los Innovadores Kriek

5.  Dry Dock Brewery: Apricot Blonde Sour

Robert Castro (Managing Editor)

1.  Revolver Brewing: Blood and Honey

2.  Avery Brewing Company:  Rumpkin

3.  Short's Brewing Company: Key Lime Pie

4. Boston Beer Co:  Sam Adam's Utopias

5.  512 Brewery: Pecan Porter

Click Here for a list of complete winners.

Best Booth: Uintas Brewing

Best place to get this adorable glass mustaches: Squatters Brewing

Best use of a can for a necklace: Oskar Blue's

Best use of marketing: Bull and Bush photo cut-out.


"I think this was made with real blood"-random white dude

"I don't understand all the pretzel necklaces"-random white girl

"Do they have a happy hour here?"-Anonymous

"Where is the wine section?"-Kristal (I think that was her name)

"I could do this all day!"-Castro "sampling" Twin Peaks Brewing

From small to large, each brewery is just living out their own unique version of the American Dream. And it warms our heart and our cheeks to watch it all unfold during this one monumental event. From finding our new favorite beers, getting a fake tattoo sleeve and downing an entire bag of GF pretzels, we had the time of our life. And we owe it all to you… GABF. Until next year… Our livers could use a break.