Female Founders to Open Denver’s First Independent, Female Owned Sex Boutique This Saturday!

All photos credit to  Jessica Christie Photography  

All photos credit to Jessica Christie Photography 

 Awakening, Denver's premier sex-positive boutique and community resource, announced the grand opening and permanent residency in Modern Nomad warehouse located in the River North Arts District. The boutique will open to the public on Saturday, August 18 at 12pm. 

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Created by Tory Johnson and Rose Kalasz, Awakening was founded on the mission that sex stores no longer have to be uncomfortable and intimidating to walk into. Awakening Boutique is specifically designed to offer a modern, progressive, femme-centric take on the current sex store market, providing the opportunity and space for Denver residents and visitors to explore their sexuality and interests comfortably. 

As the duo matured growing up, they went through adolescent parallels relying on each other for support. Rose Kalasz dives into the idea that evoked Awakening. "We bought our first vibrators together when we were 18 because we were too intimidated and unsure to go into a sex store alone. Tory lived in Seattle for a long time, where we saw stores like Babeland, and She-Bop in Portland, that approached the concept of “sex shop” in a totally fresh way. They were clean, open, informed, and focused on female and LGBTQ pleasure and health." Developing into adulthood and finding the desire to open their own shop, they wanted to provide women the comfort and support they had in one another and we're thrilled they chose our city to do so. "We often wondered why Denver didn’t have something like that, and this year we both found ourselves in a situation where we could make it happen."

"Going into this, we really had no idea what to expect!" Said Kalasz, about Denver's response to Awakening. "We knew that we were passionate about it, and that there was a real need for a female-focused and sex positive resource in Denver, and that’s all we were going off of! Modern Nomad was so awesome and open minded when we approached them with the idea, and we have felt included and welcomed by everyone we have talked to there. The response from the women of Denver has been enthusiastic to say the least, so we are pretty excited to open and finally get going!"

“Many people today are uncomfortable, intimidated, or uninformed about adult novelty and sexual health products,” said Johnson, Co-Founder of Awakening Boutique. “We are seeing that consumers are overwhelmed by shopping online for sex-related products due to the lack of guidance and the broad selection and that many are too embarrassed to go into large novelty stores. We want to offer a kind of environment that is not currently available to women interested in exploring their sexuality in a more comfortable, informed, and fun way.” 

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The boutique will stock all high-end, non-toxic, eco-friendly sex toys as well as lingerie, books and home goods. Snapshot of products for sale include DAME ProductsWOO For Play Coconut Love OilWildfire UndiesTantusFun Factory, and Hey Mavens! Lingerie. All products stocked are hand-selected by Johnson and Kalasz. 

“We are very selective about the products we choose to offer and the knowledge level of our staff. Our products are welcoming to customers of varied demographics, interests, and experience levels,” said Kalasz. “First time toy buyers, couples interested in experimenting with light kink and bdsm, women looking for non-toxic, sexual health products - come on in!” 

For more information about Awakening Boutique, visit www.awakeningboutique.co. Find Awakening Boutique on Instagram here


Join Awakening Boutique in celebrating the official opening as a permanent resident to the Modern Nomad warehouse on Saturday, August 18 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Free food, drinks, and live music. Be the first to shop all Awakening Boutique products and receive a party favor of 10% off your first purchase at Awakening Boutique. Walk out with free products - various vendor product raffling throughout the evening. To RSVP for the Grand Opening, visit Facebook here.  

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