Women's Creative Networking Event SAFEWORD Pops Off This Sunday



SAFEWORD is a womenโ€™s event-based collective where artists, creatives and entrepreneurs can come together to share their talents and knowledge while working to foster strong, confident, encouraging relationships through events, networking and building up each other's businesses.

Local model/writer Bryn Carter and local stylist Shayla Preeshl are the two faces behind the idea of Safeword. Both women have worked in different creative industries for years and have found it to be still a very male-run industry. For that reason, and because of all the talented women they have met throughout the years, they came up with the idea as a way for women to actually get to meet one another and from there, foster positive, growing relationships that help each of them grow in their creative businesses. Bryn and Shayla understand the need for real face-to-face interactions in todayโ€™s world where we all know one another via social media but may not know the true person behind the screen. They hope that by offering a safe, fun and interactive event, this will allow women to get to know one another on a personal level and help there to be growth for women in the creative industry instead of competition between one another.

Safeword is open for all women with creative passions from models to makeup artists to chefs so mark your calendars and come network with some of the most creative women of Denver!

When: Sunday, March 4th 2:00pm-6:00pm

Where: Invisible City 1545 Julian St, Denver, CO 80204

Why: www.thesafewordis.com

For any questions, please email Bryn or Shayla