Denver Arts | Appreciating the Greatness of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of many hats and a master of numerous skills. Aside from being an artist, he was an inventor, a mathematician, and a writer, among other pursuits. Works of art such as ‘The Last Supper’ and the world famous ‘Mona Lisa’ are considered timeless pieces that have influenced fellow geniuses of the past and continue to inspire countless artists up to this day.
It’s safe to say that Da Vinci is a bona fide Renaissance man. In other words, he was Tony Stark way before Stan Lee first penned the billionaire-slash-engineer-slash-playboy-slash-superhero Iron Man.
You know how great an artist is if his or her works still remain influential even to this day. So much so that even an online gaming platforms incorporate his likeness into their games. For instance, Spin Genie recently launched ‘Da Vinci Diamonds modeled after the famous painter. The popular game features some of his iconic creations including ‘The Lady with an Ermine’ and ‘Portrait of a Musician’. Even here in Denver, a city 5,419 miles away from his birthplace in Italy, people got to appreciate the immensity, the significance, and the beauty of his masterpieces – only this time in real life.

Back in 2012, the Mile High City got a taste of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works when the traveling ‘Da Vinci Machines Exhibit’ made stop at the Denver Pavilions shopping center. The spacious bargain-hunting hub on the 16th Street Mall housed the loan from the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence, Italy, and highlighted close to 70 handcrafted exhibits made by third-generation craftsmen. Every display was a replica built from Da Vinci’s 500-year-old designs, half of which were interactive.

Just late last year, Denver also hosted the world premier of ‘Da Vinci & Michelangelo: Titans Side by Side Original Museum Theatre Performance’. The show ran from November 27, 2015 to the 3rd of January at the Glitter Dome Event Center in the RINO Arts District. It showcased a blend of a classic museum experience and a live state-of-the-art multimedia theatrical presentation. Like the abovementioned exhibit, this ‘Museum Theatre’ production was interactive, thanks to the enduring vehicles that took guests on a trip through the Italian Renaissance period. All in all, these are just simple testaments of Leonardo Da Vinci’s importance and popularity in the modern era. Though Denver may not be at the top of the list in terms of arts, culture, and lifestyle cities in America, it still knows how to value and put a stamp on greatness.