Lifestyle | What We Thought of the Fleakin' Flea

It’s official! 2016’s first Flea of the year reigned in over 20,000 people this past weekend! And it was quite the spectacle too, as happy hipsters, baby wielding dilfs and local goods enthusiasts flooded the streets of Denver’s River North district.  The crowds did surprise us, mainly due to the sheer chaos downtown that surrounded the launch of Denver’s new A Line... which had a wait of nearly two hours out of Union Station! Promptly abandoning our initial decision to check out the A Line launch party, we decided to ditch the lines and opt for artisan vendors, booze and to our excitement even more lines! 

The Flea was already pretty packed by the time we arrived an hour after it opened on Saturday the 23rd. It was also larger than we expected, spanning out on all sides of the ExDo building. There were booths lined along three sides of the venue coupled with a food truck courtyard, complete with seven food trucks and two ice cream trucks. The bars kept the lines moving as thirsty shoppers flooded their fronts hoping for New Belgium craft, margaritas, cocktails and other domestic spirits.

The long lines, excitement and flawless djing from veteran flea curator, Tobias Krause caused some of our four legged friends to take shameless (and adorable) naps right in the center of the of all the commotion. 

There were over 150 vendors this time making it one of the largest Denver Flea’s to date and what seemed like one of the most popular (next to their super Holiday Flea we reported on early December).  As usual, there were lots of clothing companies, body products, homemade foods and jewelry, all kinds of art and some unique home goods and furnishings. 

One of the reasons we've flocked to the Denver Flea numerous times is the diversity of unique finds situated in a fun, party-like atmosphere. You're always greeted with a boozy beverage ticket, lots of local snack samples and plenty of pretty people watching. Between all the stunning handmade pieces, art, clothes, food and people, the Flea is a nonstop beauty overload. You will most likely leave with a couple cool new things, a full tummy, plenty of FitBit steps, and a renewed appreciation for the artistic spirit thriving within Denver. 

Here's to lookin' at you Summer Flea. Fleak on, fleaks. Fleak on...