Lifestyle | The Day We Met Grumpy Cat

Who you calling grumpy?

From time to time we often get somewhat starstruck in our daily business here at Ultra5280. From musicians to actors, we often stumble paths in some of our coverage we do here on the site.  This year as we were planning our SXSW coverage we came across the news that Grumpy Cat herself was going to be in Austin the day we arrived. Of course we used that opportunity to get a chance to meet her and learn all about the newest Friskies Cat Food campaign. While not associated with the festival itself, why not take advantage of the large amounts of crowds who were there for the interactive activities that took place.

Lines extended for blocks just for an opportunity to meet Grumpy Cat.

The internet's most iconic judge of all things grumpy.

We hopped off the plane and realized our time was going to be running short as this particular day was the last that Grumpy Cat was going to be there. We got settled in and made our way across town to finally meet this famous feline. Upon our arrival we noticed that the line to see the cat had extended a few blocks down the street and curved around the block. Once inside we were treated to nice air conditioning and a front row seat to meet the most famous cat in the world. Friskies was in town to promote their latest venture called Cat Concoctions. You may be wondering what the hell that is. It is simply summed up as "Curious Combinations. Chosen By Cats." You may be asking yourself what kind of combinations?

“Lamb AND clam? Cats have their own ideas about what they like, which is why Friskies lets cats lead the way in inspiring the unique and unexpected flavor combinations of Cat Concoctions,” says Jessica Nichols, Friskies Brand Manager.

Other flavors include:

  • Chicken in Creamy Crabby Sauce
  • Cod in Cheesy Bacon Flavored Sauce
  • Lamb in Clam Flavored Sauce
  • Scrumptious Salmon & Chicken Liver Dinner Pate

Almost tempting to human palate. The pop up meet and greet gave fans an opportunity to take pictures with the cat and tag them with the #CatConcotions hashtag for everybody to see during SXSW. It was truly one of our highlights during our SXSW stay and while Grumpy Cat graciously declined our interview (she's a diva what do you expect) we were nowhere near "grumpy" as we continued on our journey. 

-Robert Castro