Haunted Field of Screams | Our Review and Why We are Swearing Off Corn Forever

Corn used to be our favorite vegetable... But now we shudder at the thought of eating the beloved kernels. We have what some would call PTCD (Post Traumatic Corn Syndrome) after entering the haunted stalks this past weekend. The Haunted Field of Screams is home to three different attractions: zombie paintball, a haunted house and the infamous corn maze - Transforming what was once a simple side dish into a horrific nightmare.
We began our night by shooting zombies and saving the world. Once you enter zombie territory it is up to you to survive – you and your gun filled with toxic zombie killing paint. Prior to arriving in quarantine you are forced to walk through the deserted aftermath of a zombie attack and are left to find your way to safety. This particular attraction will have your heart rate elevated from the second you enter the battle zone and remember - if you don’t shoot you will be eaten. While the zombies are bloated (read: stuffed with pillows) they are still terrifying and they seemed pretty ravenous to us!

The haunted house and corn maze ventures out into the corn stalks which automatically disorients you… The corn stalks are tall, ominous and filled with things that want to hurt you – do you see why we’re still suffering!? Venturing through the corn was chaotic, terrifying and all too realistic. Have you every imagined yourself lost in the country, wandering through corn trying to find a mechanic for your broken down vehicle? Well this is that nightmare, only there are real threats to your well being. Pro tip: do not say your name or the names of your loved ones unless you want to hear clowns, demons and dead children calling your name the entire time you’re inside. 

A few highlights of the evening included my own mother screaming, "Take my children!" and then shoving us in front of her. And at the end of the night my little sister tackled me into the corn stalks to avoid being a victim of the chainsaw bearing madman blocking our exit to safety. 

You will run, you will scream and you will try to sacrifice your loved ones in exchange for your own safety. But it would not be Halloween season in Denver without visiting this quintessential haunt.

Learn more and book your tour here:  http://hauntedfieldofscreams.com/