The 13th Floor: A Resurrection of Halloween Classics

The leaves are dying, our Colorado air is brisk and the faint sound of children screaming fills the air at night… Yep, it’s officially the fall season.  And to your Ultra5280 team that means it’s time zip up our big kid pants and assess our local haunts. The first haunt on our list was the 13Th Floor, known for their intense stage design, disorienting floor layout and realistically terrifying animatronics. And this year there was no exception to the madness we’ve grown to expect from the 13th Floor.

The haunted house featured gallons of fog, blood and surprises and took you on a literal journey through hell. Beginning in a rundown Texas home the initial scene invited you to a quaint family feast which was then followed by a nice, relaxing tour of their home. From there you crept through the basement to various bedrooms and were visited from some of history’s favorite killing classics. This season the 13th Floor paid homage to Halloween greats like Freddy Krueger, Jason and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre gang. 

Possibly the most entertaining and unique aspects of the 13th Floor were the animatronics which were almost as scary as the actors. They had giant gators straight from the Bayou, demons and a shipwrecked skeleton – all very lifelike and equally terrifying. A few other notable mentions from the haunted house were the spinning bridge, room of mirrors and our personal favorite: the pitch black room with cushioned floor (Please note: leashes, hand holding and clothes grabbing are highly recommended). 

From the Texas plains to a Louisiana swamp the stage design immersed the guests in the scenery and transported them to a thrilling new destination. With danger lurking above, behind and around every corner your heart rate will be elevated from the second you enter. Bring the family, a date or just someone you can use a shield – the 13th Floor is the perfect start to our brisk and haunt filled month ahead.