Lifestyle | Music & Art Pioneers Come Together For A Collaborative Gallery Opening Red Bull House of Art Synesthesia

The Red Bull House of Art Synesthesia Galleries are a celebration of multidisciplinary artists in Denver whose creative sensibilities have led them to express themselves through fine art.  We are bringing together visual artists and the musicians who inspire them.  Each visual artist will present their original works and the musicians will perform live in an immersive, abstract experience that brings the creative process full-circle.  

In Denver, the intersection of art and music will take place on Thursday, November 12th with a curated roster of 6 local, visionary artists and 6 local, live performances.  Hosted at Exdo, 1399 35th Street, the innovative gallery space is set to unveil the exclusive works of Jon Strieby, Thomas Evans, Jaime Molina, Matt Alberts, Andrew Hoffman & Jesse Frazier.  This is the first time these works have been exhibited in public. 

The public gallery opening is Friday, November 12th from 8pm-12am. Unlike most gallery shows, Synesthesia will feature each artist creating live during the event.  The first exhibition kicks off at 8pm.  It is free & open to those 21 and older.  For up-to-date information about Red Bull House of Art Synesthesia, visit or

It is curated by Pedro Barrios and will host the talented:

JON STRIEBY - Jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. @striebeast

THOMAS EVANS - My current art focus is all about connecting music and fine arts through traditional methods and technology. @IamDetour303

JAIME MOLINA - Began at a very early age and continues to draw epic battles, houses, people and animals on paper and walls across the globe. @cuttyup

MATT ALBERTS - I want to make pictures that you can brag about that also make your friends and family laugh and cry. The Lifers Project

ANDREW HOFFMAN - I’m Andrew. I’m an artist, illustrator, designer and teacher.

JESSE FRAZIER - Raised on a steady diet of horror movies, comic books and ROCK N’ ROLL, Jesse Frazier is a one-man pop art blitzkrieg. @faimworldwide