2014 Austin Film Festival Preview - Part 1


Weaving together multiple stories, LOOKING FOR LIONS, tells the story of the lengths we will go for the people that we love. Unable to hold down a job, Ray (Todd Julian) takes a new position as a driver for a company that deals in the black market organ trade. Emmet, played by Norman Lesperance, who also wrote and produced the film, is a struggling husband dealing with the imminent death of his wife, as she is rejected a place on the donor list. Facing a system that has failed them, Ray and Emmet must make decisions that lead them to things they never imagined. 

The film is directed by Bradley W. Ragland and stars Chelsea Gilligan, who was also the executive producer. Three years ago this small crew shot a short film and submitted it to AFF. Though their film was not selected, a note from the festival inspired them to shoot the feature length version of their short. Now, not only have they been accepted, but they have also been asked to speak as panelists during the Screenwriters' Conference. 

Be sure to catch LOOKING FOR LIONS during the festival at the Bullock Texas State History Museum either Sunday (10/26) at 6:15pm or Wednesday (10/29) at 7:00pm. And take a look at the trailer here


Forced into a night out by their friends, four adults meet at a wine-bar and set off together to prove that they’re still young enough to have a fun night out. Clark and Will, played by Kyle Bornheimer and Demetri Martin, meet Alison (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) and her sister Ida (Eliza Coupe) and soon find that their circumstances are all very similar. Through a series of mishaps and impulsive decisions, this film deals with the ins and outs of navigating relationships when they fail to live up to our expectations.

THE LAST TIME YOU HAD FUN is directed by Mo Perkins and written by her husband, Hal Haberman. Her first film also dealt with marriage and won the AFF Audience Award in 2008. 

You can see the film on Friday (10/24) at 7:00pm at the Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX Theatre or Monday (10/27) at 10:00pm at Alamo Drafthouse Village.


A veteran comes home from Iraq after suffering an injury to his eye. Rufus, played by Rufus Burns, brings back more than a physical injury to his family and wife Amy (Amy Urbina). As time goes by, the evidence of Rufus’ PTSD becomes clearer to Amy but is shrouded from those around the couple as they figure out how to battle this disorder and repair their marriage.

TERRIBLE LOVE is the debut feature from director Christopher Thomas and producer Luke Helmer. Following in the footsteps of Drake Doremus (LIKE CRAZY), the actors improvised their dialogue after heavy outlining and pre-production work. The grounded nature of this style gives it an immediacy and authenticity that is able to deliver an unflinching look at a devastating disorder. 

Don’t miss TERRIBLE LOVE screening at the Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX Theater Thursday (10/23) at 9:45pm or at the Galaxy Highland 10 Theater on Sunday (10/26) at 7:45pm.


In 1935, U.S. Senator Huey Long was fatally wounded by the alleged assassin Dr. Carl Weiss. As the story goes, Weiss attacked Long and Long’s body guards responded, emptying 60 bullets into Weiss’s body. For years, no one has been able to explain why Weiss, a well respected doctor with a wife and baby at home, took it upon himself to kill one of the most controversial political characters in our history. With so much evidence either buried or long gone, both sides still hold on to their version of the truth. Through the surviving family and people close to the Long and Weiss family, 61 BULLETS sheds light on the mystery and also asks us to question where our history comes from.

Directed by David Modigliani and Lucy Kreutz, 61 BULLETS was awarded funding by the Texas Filmmakers’ Production Fund which aided in the production of this film. It was produced by Modigliani and Yvonne Bourdreaux, granddaughter of Ida Bourdreaux, one of the subjects of the film and relative of Weiss. 

61 BULLETS is showing at the Rollins Theatre Saturday (10/25) at 4:15pm and at the Galaxy Highland 10 Theater on Wednesday (10/29) at 7:00pm.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of our AFF preview.