Designer Red Carpet Dresses That Would Be Beautiful Wedding Gowns

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While the summer wedding frenzy may still be a little way off, we’re right in the middle of another fashionable gown-centric season: award shows. Already we’ve seen some beautiful frocks that would be perfect for brides, so we thought we’d look at what Hollywood has to offer when it comes to bridal gown inspiration.

Hollywood Loves A Wedding

Come to think of it, Hollywood has always had a bit of an obsession with weddings. In fact, one of the most popular movies made in the last decade was a wedding movie: Bridesmaids(2011). With a star-studded comedy cast, this chick flick went far further than simply being a box office hit. It was nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards, as well as for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards. Plus, although Kristen Wiig and company may be against a sequel, the film did inspire a spin-off Microgaming online slot available at Betway Casino as well as quite literally every sort of Bridesmaids-themed merchandise you can think of. Over at Etsy, there are well over a thousand different Bridesmaids-themed goodies created by fans of the franchise, from champagne flutes to tank tops. The same can be seen on Redbubble, where the Bridesmaids merch portfolio rivals that of The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Lord of the Rings. As for the film itself, as recently as 2018, outdoor cinemas were screening the comedy chick flick on all over the place from Malibu to Essex. Really, Bridesmaidsmarked a new era for Hollywood, an era where a female-led comedy could be a worldwide sensation, and it didn't hurt that the movie revolved around a wedding.

Of course, Bridesmaidsis just one link in a long line of Hollywood wedding movies. Let’s take, for example, the classic Audrey Hepburn musical Funny Face(1957). The movie inspired Whitney Houston, Madonna, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Beyoncé, who have all created music videos and album artwork devoted to the 1950’s flick. Other top wedding movies include Father of the Bride(1950), Sex and the City(2008), Bride Wars(2009), and The Wedding Planner(2001); the list goes on! Even Fiona in Shrek(2001) had a pretty fashionable gown on, and so did Bella in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1(2011), if we’re being honest. Each and every one of these movies has gone on to inspire wedding dress trends in some way or another. Whether it be the living-for-the-frills-of-it, laid-back vibes of Bridesmaidsor the beautifully structured ivory of Funny Faceand The Wedding Planner, there’s a Hollywood movie wedding gown that everyone will love. Unfortunately, there have been fewer wedding-themed movies released over the last few years, so we've had to look for inspiration from elsewhere in Hollywood. Thankfully, we think this year's award shows have filled that inspiration gap.

From The Red Carpet To The Aisle

On January 6, we watched the 76th Annual Golden Globes and were completely floored by all of the beautiful dresses that appeared on the red carpet.

Kristen Bell was stunning in her pale pink plunging-neckline gown from Zuhair Murad, and while we’re not convinced such a revealing dress would be for every bride, the pleats are certainly sleek and flattering. As for the color, it seems pale pinks and nudes are really in fashion this season, with Emma Stone donning a mesmerizing pink Louis Vuitton number, which really should have made an appearance in the Fall show. With silver embellishments, long sleeves and a cinched waist, Stone’s gown is a little reminiscent of the frocks Adele usually wears, though in a much more wedding-friendly color.

It was Sandra Oh’s astonishing asymmetrical, white gown that really got us thinking about red carpet dresses as wedding inspiration though. Although Oh wore several outfits that night, the floor-length Versace number was the one that took our breath away. Stylish ruching, subtle accessories, perfect hair: This outfit had everything a bride-to-be could dream of.

White, nudes and pale pinks continued to be a trend once celebrities hit the blue carpet at BFCA's Critic’s Choice Awards2019 on January 13. Brides with a taste for the sparkly will love Emily Blunt’s white column Prada dress and Laura Harrier’s slightly less out-there Louis Vuitton, long-sleeved frock. Those with a subtler style though will probably prefer Lady Gaga’s bandeau Calvin Klein number, complete with a glorious train.

February Has Plenty More Bridal Gown Inspiration On The Way

With so many more award shows on the schedule in February, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on the dresses that would make excellent bridal gowns. The 61st Grammy awards are sure to give the more eccentric bride a few ideas, while the Brits will be perfect for anyone looking for a unique yet formal vibe. As for the Academy Awards, we’re sure to see even more absolutely astonishing, couture numbers that will inspire every bride who wants to stand out on their wedding day.

Dior: From Paris To The World Fashion Exhibit Is Breathtaking!

Ultra5280 had a chance to visit the Dior exhibit at the Denver Art Museum this past week, and if you have a passion for fashion, it’s right up your alley! The idea to bring in Haute Couture fashion, and more specifically, Christian Dior’s pieces, came from Florence Muller, the Curator of Textile Arts and Fashion, for the Avenir Foundation at the Denver Art Museum. The exhibit features 70 years of Christian Dior’s most exquisite work, carrying over 200 haute couture dresses, accessories, runway videos, and photographs for the public to see.

Why the excitement?  What makes Christian Dior so important not only to fashion but the world in general? Dior was one of the first artists and designers to express, through clothes, the modern woman and feminism around the time of World War II. Going against the fashion norm of predominantly masculine-based designs, Dior broke through the fashion industry, allowing only the best of the best to be seen in his designs. Women were finally then able to express themselves in a way they never could before through fashion, giving a new definition to the women’s movement. Dior dresses featured synched dresses, carrying dress lengths and a mix of both formal and casual designs. His dresses also included patterns influenced by art of all forms. Whether inspired by artists like Monet or a more contemporary art style, Christian Dior remains one of the first designers to do something different among women’s fashion.

In addition to breath-taking displays of dresses worn only by the world’s most elite, the exhibit profiles some of Dior’s most prominent directors, like Yves-Saint Laurent, Raf Simmons, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano, and Maria Grazia Chiuri.  These were all people who not only helped Dior during his prime, but helped carry on the legacy once Dior had passed from the scene. As people walk through the exhibit, they can find the history of some of fashion’s biggest powerhouses that continue to influence the world today. The exhibit will take you through time, displaying videos of the design process of the dresses, interviews with the icon, Dior, himself, and even videos of famous models, like Gisele, on the runway wearing Dior.  Dior and his team made a revolutionary change to fashion and the industry during a time where self-expression through fashion was lacking. So, whether you are a fashion junkie or not, high-culture Paris has arrived in Denver, giving the public an opportunity to learn about the immense influence that Dior and his designs had on both women and the world.

The exhibit will be on display until March 3, 2019 so, be sure to grab your tickets here:

Written by: Ella Zeiler Photos: Ella Zeiler

Justin Great Launches Season 2


Luxury streetwear designer and 21st century Renaissance man, Justin Great, launched his second collection of threads on Friday. With a tech-savvy approach to fashion shows, Great treated guests to a fresh take on the runway by projecting a previously recorded catwalk for style fiends to watch at their leisure. CRL CRRLL spun the night away while revelers rockin the latest and greatest in streetwear styles perused the racks and bumped elbows with some of Denver's finest creative entrepreneurs and fashionistas.

If you're feelin it, go scoop up some of his designs over on his online store

Fashion 101 | Izzy Rocha by Bridget Burnett

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