Music | Riot Fest | The National Western Complex | Sunday: Photo Essay

Explosions In The Sky (Photo Credit: Liz Whitman)

The last day of Riot Fest had us fending off exhaustion, sunburns, blisters, hangovers, and an overconsumption of carnival food. Then again that wasn't going to let us from enjoying the finale of a great festival. A band that had been on our radar for awhile would have to be Explosions In The Sky, hailing from Austin, Texas (our second home if you haven't noticed), the band put on a mesmerizing early evening set despite a few sound issues. Perfectly timed with our customary Colorado sunset the band blew us away with their chill inducing instrumentals we have come to love. Favorite acts of the day would have to include Yelawolf, Tenacious D, The Lawrence Arms, Bootsy Collins, Snoop Dogg (who played all the hits) and The Prodigy. For those about to experience Riot Fest in Chicago and Toronto please do not miss The Prodigy, we won't give away any hints but they put on one hell of a show.

Snooooooooooppppp! (Photo Credit: Liz Whitman)

I would have to say that after covering our third Riot Fest, they have seemed to have come full circle and given the fans what they want. A few hiccups here and there our experience was pretty enjoyable. Having an indoor stage to escape from the heat was a nice touch. The abundance of different food vendors, multiple beer lines (I don't think we waited more than two minutes for a drink), plenty of port-a-potties. This years lineup seemed to satisfy all genres of music, we hope you enjoyed our live Instagram coverage as well as our photo recaps. Riot Fest is always one of our favorite festivals to cover and we are already looking forward to next year.

Sunday's Best Photos: Matthew Smith, Robert Castro and Liz Whitman