Music | MS MR | The Gothic Theatre | October 17, 2015

The New York based synth-pop duo MS MR came back to Denver this past Saturday, and filled the Gothic Theater like a can of sardines! Since the release of their new album How Does It Feel  in July, they've been on a lengthy world tour in support of it and we were glad we had the chance to see what they're bringing to the table. The show was electric and the stage chemistry Lizzy and Max share is enticing. They're both dancing constantly to keep the crowd hyped and the energy they created that night was unforgettable. It's no surprise these guys are getting worldwide recognition as they continue to put out songs that are incredibly catchy and easily relatable (catchy break up songs like "Hurricaine", anyone)? From the look of their tour schedule it doesn't look like this duo will be in Denver anytime soon, so in case you missed it here are some cool shots our staff photographer Andrew Rios captured while he was there.