First Look: Tyto Alba "The Hunger" World Premiere Music Video

Here is the world premiere of the new Tyto Alba video for "The Hunger". The band is also set to perform for their release party tomorrow night at Syntax (flyer below). Easily one of our favorite bands here at Ultra5280 the video is a haunting thrill ride that takes us to a real dark place. 

Tyto Alba (Photo Credit: George Blosser)

Tyto Alba (Photo Credit: George Blosser)

The music video for “The Hunger”, off of Tyto Alba’s sophomore EP, In Our Own Time, utilizes the talent of LA-based cinematographer Colin Anders (Slice Cinematics) and was filmed primarily at local Denver art bar/music venue Syntax Physic Opera. The video explores the darkness and inner turmoil of a dysfunctional romantic relationship. Primal tendencies that rarely surface but are hard to ignore come to life in the form of eerily masked figures and voodoo rituals. The dual characters played by singer/songwriter Melanie Steinway represent the conflict of repressed desires with outward restraint, reinforced by the chorus, “overflow - don’t you let it show”. Colin Anders’ cinematic vision melds with the moody ambiance of Syntax to produce a stunning music video that is at once alluring and unsettling.

BANKS Continues Being A Goddess Into Her 2017 Tour


BANKS, the electro-pop goddess from Orange County, sold out the Ogden on Saturday, and wooed the crowd with her beautiful pipes and her really tight dance moves. Although it’s been nearly a year since her album The Altar came out, she has been touring with The Weeknd and now that she’s headlining her own tour the sweet lady is on her game, and it was apparent from her sexy style, to her sultry voice, and her infectious energy.

“Fuck with Myself” was amazing to see live, and I really appreciated this different aspect to her tough side. It was really bad ass, and only made better by her backup dancers who were putting on a wonderful show the entire time. “Gemini Feed” was also a highlight of the night, sang back by nearly every member of the crowd, and seemingly building up the crowd as the night progressed. It was nice to see that there wasn’t a still person in the crowd, except maybe that boyfriend that was dragged there unwillingly, and the overall message was girl power and goddess-ry. A pretty simple execution of shadows, slicked back, Ariana Grande-esque ponies, and smoke, made for a visually stimulating sort of pop tease, and shed light on some of the artistry behind some of her more complex videos.


I once heard Banks be described as dark R&B and that really struck me as true in this album especially. There’s a lot of catchy basslines and Aaliyah sounding breakdowns. She is really good at the pop thing, but has shown versatility and growth. And despite not playing her hit song Goddess, from her 2014 album, I forgive her, because she really is one.

UMS Unplugged by Robert Castro

I cannot begin to explain how much fun it was putting together this amazing project. I didn't know what to expect when I put out a memo about shooting this during The UMS. The response was overwhelming to say the least. I want to thank all the bands and musicians who took time out of their busy schedule to shoot with me all up and down South Broadway. I want to thank all of those who came to my gallery show exhibit this past Friday night, the response was more than I could have imagined. The photos turned out great and here they are in all of their glory. Thank you Denver for putting out some of the most talented bands and musicians (and photogenic) I can now call my friends. UMS UNPLUGGED 2017








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Tobias Krause

Com Truise Let Loose At Red Rocks This Past Weekend

Seth Haley aka Com Truise doing work during his Red Rocks set. (Photo Credit: Austin Voldseth)

Earlier this summer Com Truise - aka LA-based producer Seth Haley - released Iteration, his first full length in 6 years, and toured North America with Warp stalwart Clark. Haley is back out on the road, this time joining Nosaj Thing and Lotus, and made a stop at Red Rocks this past Saturday. With a well rounded set Haley warmed up the crowd for an amazing night of music flanked by an array of visuals that made you wish you wore your brightest neon colored tank top.

Deeply inspired by sci-fi scores, Iteration's slick, shimmery synths and booming, metallic beats further developed the Tron-like world that has become synonymous with Com Truise. His live set embraces the simplistic lines of 80's sci-fi - he is near darkness, backlight by transfixing neon visuals.

A focused Com Truise getting the party started at Red Rocks. (Photo Credit: Com Truise)

All photos courtesy of Austin Voldseth. All Rights Reserved.

Bumbershoot Music Festival | Review and Photos

Since the 1970’s Bumbershoot has been a cultural celebration for viewers near and far. The festival not only provides music but food, art, comedy, spoken word, and film. This year we were lucky enough to make the trip to Seattle to see the long established event for ourselves.


Rocker babes Deap Vally started off our weekend full force with heavy guitar riffs. Having been introduced at the Rino Festival here in Denver, we were happy to run into them again. We scurried over to the main stage next for one of our faves Foster The People. Stoked to see their new album live in action and they truly didn’t disappoint. Lead singer Mark Foster made a similar sweeping inclusive declaration as he did at Lollapalooza and wet eyes were seen throughout the crowd. (Castro write about Big Sean) Again we got to see a lot of musical favorites we’ve never seen live before and Friday saved the best for last. Watsky was next at the Fisher Green stage and took over his hour set! His hip hop stylings are rapid and the content is intellectual and real (aside from that being said he basically started his set with a “Fuck Donald Trump”). Key Arena in the city center was host to Die Antwoord and holy shit, kids. They were about as weird and awesome as you’d expect. Ninja and their back-up dancers hyped us up while the techno blared and Yolanda rolled around on a vaulted stage above chirping her alien sex voice. Their live production/gigantic dance party was truly the best of the weekend. Confetti explosions erupted as the set was brought to a climax. Kelly is still finding confetti momentos throughout unpacking her luggage...Not mad. The festivities didn't end without the electronica brilliance of Flume who turned the main stage into his own dance party.

Big Sean brought the hip hop vibe on day two (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Big Sean brought the hip hop vibe on day two (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Flume headlined night one of Bumbershoot (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Flume headlined night one of Bumbershoot (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)


Saturday morning we planned on hitting the Corepower yoga set at 2pm doors open. Yeah nope. We couldn't muster the energy to sit in the muggy Seattle heat before 4pm. Blaming Die Antwoord. We made sure to head over to Tacocat at the Fisher Green. Epitomizing grungy angsty rock, Tacocat made for a bouncy start to the day. Visually pleasing with their bubble gum colored hair and bright, chunky anime style. Kaleo was next on main stage. He brought us back down. Maybe a little too down for Saturday. He resembled Hozier with his deep bluesy voice and guitar riffs. Let's just say it was good music to sit down, relax and eat a sandwich to. Meanwhile alt rock legends Weezer took to the main stage to make sure we all knew the hits as the crowd often was caught singing word to word to songs such as "Hashpipe", "Island In The Sun", and "Beverly Hills". Kelly caught E-40 at the Key Arena where all the classics were brought. The Key Arena was transformed into a high school dance auditorium. We fled back to the main stage to catch queen Lorde in the flesh. Retable and real she addressed Melodrama's romantic heartbreak influence. Her recent flu symptoms reflected in her "Homemade Dynamite" VMA dance were no longer. She sounded better than ever. Hail Lorde. As with all music festivals we ran into our first scheduling conflict of the weekend. As Lorde was slaying on the main stage, the legendary The Roots crew were causing havoc at The Fisher Green stage, flanked by one of the most amazing array of musicians Black Thought and company swept us off our feet with their unique legendary sound that has been a staple for the Philadelphia band.

Tacocat was amazing and colorful. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Tacocat was amazing and colorful. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)


The last day of the festival had us enjoying some of the smaller acts on the bill such as Léon from Sweden and Ellie Mae from the Third Man Records label. Both impressive in their own style and sure to be commanding bigger headline status in the near future. We also got a chance to catch one of or=ur favorites Spoon who managed to play a longer set due to HAIM cancelling. We weren't complaining as the band played more of a studio session with what seemed an impromptu setlist. The final act of the night was more of a homecoming show for Odesza who just released a new album this past week. Always a plus as a listener as we got many new songs including a few surprise guest appearances including Naomi Wild who sang their newest hit "Higher Ground", as well as R&B crooner Leon Bridges to sing "Across The Room". It definitely felt like a homecoming show as the band seemed to be having the time of their life. A perfect ending to a successful music festival, until next year Bumbershoot.