Tamayo Rolls Out Five New Enchiladas for 2nd Annual Enchilada Fest

Calling all Mexican food foodies! Tamayo is at it again with their second annual Enchilada Festival (running until April, 23rd). The festival pays tribute to Mexico’s rich culinary past by celebrating flavors from different regions of Latin America, all in the name of the delicious enchilada. Each enchilada is carefully crafted – from the 23 ingredient based Mole’ to the pickled cherry tomatoes – no ingredient was undervalued.
Chef Sandoval created five enchiladas for the festival, each one inspired by a different region of Mexico. These are not your typical, corn tortilla, meat + cheese enchiladas. They are creative, authentic and true to Mexico’s colorful heritage. 

We’ve taken the time to break down the five enchiladas Chef Sandoval created. 

The Shredded Chicken Enchilada, complete with tomatillo salsa, chicken tinga, gouda cheese, crema fresca and pickled chiles. One of our favorites given the simplicity of the ingredients and tribute to the traditional enchilada. 

The Nortena Enchilada consisted of grilled lamb barbacoa, salsa borracha, pinto bean puree, cilantro, white onion and serrano. A little smokier than the others with nice kick from the salsa borracha. We’re assuming this enchilada is a homage to Mexican Nortena music which is normally high energy with a lot of instruments coming together. 

The Res Con Chilie Morita Enchilada, composed of slow cooked short rib, chile morita sauce sautéed with red onion, cherry tomatoes, queso fresco, avocado and refried beans. This was our favorite enchilada of the night! The short rib was cooked and seasoned perfectly, together with the cherry tomatoes and traditional Mexican toppings it made for one helluva bite. 

The Mexico City Enchilada, complete with pork carnitas, green mole sauce, pickled red onion, crema fresca and achiote oil.  We all know that sauce can make or break a dish, and with the Mexico City Enchilada, it definitely made it. The green mole added a fun, savory taste to the enchilada while still staying true to the traditional herbs and spices of regular mole. 

The Vegetarian Enchilada made with plantain tortillas, black mole, tofu, zucchini, yellow squash, requeson cheese and dehydrated mushroom. This enchilada took home the prize for most intriguing. We had no idea what to expect with all of the sweet and savory ingredients coupled together inside an even more intriguing plantain tortilla. Spoiler Alert: it works!

For the dinner special going on, you choose 3 of the 5 enchiladas listed above, prices range from $20-$26 per order. Also, if you have never been to Tamayo it is the perfect oasis of Mexican food in a sea of Colorado Tex-Mex restaurants. Even down to the cocktail list (looking at you Paloma). 
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