Lifestyle | You've Gotta Be Fika'n Kidding Me!


Our favorite neighborhood lush is at it again! From the boozers who brought us the Summer Passport and Winter Warmer comes, Fika, your guide to Denver's booming coffee scene. While we await the *much* anticipated 2016 Summer Passport, we're excited to get buzzed on another one of Denver's vices.

 The term "Fika" originates from Sweden and is a cultural custom to remind one another that even though you're busy, there's always time to gather with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee. 

Two Part's Fika program is your road map to Denver's coziest, hippest and tastiest coffee roasters. Fika boasts 24 different coffee venues from hometown favorites like Amethyst, Huckleberry Roasters, Crema and Black Eye to venues like Bellweather and Lula Rose General Store that we cannot wait to explore. The beautiful thing is that you can enjoy 2 for 1 drinks at each venue which includes a special beverage that was concocted specifically for the Fika. It's really the perfect opportunity to get out of your coffee rut, explore some new neighborhoods and gather with fellow coffee enthusiasts. 

The cost: $20

Dates: April, 1st - October, 1st

We like our passports like we like our coffee - bold, adventurous and always up for a good deal. 

Get yours today!