Lifestyle | FELLOW Magazine Pop Up Event | March 5

We would have expected nothing less from Fellow Magazine. They transformed a rather empty warehouse into a hipster haven. There was everything from candles hanging from the ceiling in mason jars to tiny cups of cotton candy and a folky band with such exquisite beards that even Nick Offerman would envy. But beyond the decor there was something more to the evening. A sense of camaraderie among us, the feeling that we were all in this together (cue the Disney music). But really, everyone in attendance understood what it was like turn down a desk job or say, “no” to the 9-5. To simply write, draw and create for no other explanation than because we had to. An eternal testament to the city we live in and the people that make Denver unique. FELLOW Magazine has captured the heart of our generation on a 1950s Polaroid camera.


We are Generation C, we collaborate, connect and create. FELLOW understands this and celebrates Colorado’s differences. Their magazine gives artists a chance to express and expose themselves so they can really make it at their trade. A publication that leaves the “click bait” alone and really sets out to create something that captures the people that inhabit the forests, ghost towns and high rises of Colorado.


I read through volume 03 at a voracious pace and soaked in everything from crazy cocktails and ice fishing adventures to beautiful prose. What sets this volume apart is the writing, anyone with a knowledge of the English language can feel the story brewing in the writer’s veins as they read. Two of my favorite articles were, “Riding The Rails” and “ Birds In The Backyard.” Tales simple enough to be told in a few moments or less, but intricate enough to curl up and take home in your mind.

This review does not do the evening or the volume any justice. Head over to: and pick yourself up a copy. We guarantee that it will be your coffee table staple long after your grow out of your studio apartment.

-McClain Morris