Photo Credit: Alex Lin (Paper Boy Media)

Robert Castro

Owner, Father, & Care Taker

Known by most as "The Don", you can typically find Robert rolling around the Mile High City wearing the most plush mink coats and smoking only the finest Cuban cigars.  His inspiration for Ultra5280 came from his first interview with an old friend, Sean Combs. Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy.  You say tomato, he says tomato.  In any case, Robert did P. Diddy a favor and as the stars aligned, Ultra5280 was created.


Maddie Casey

Writer and Photographer

Maddie brings the local flavor to the team. Born and raised in the Mile High City, she's the only Denver native on Ultra5280's roster. Working directly with countless bands of all shapes, sizes, and sounds throughout the Denver music scene since 2008, you can usually find this tiny blonde in the crowd (or behind the merch booth) at nearly every local show all year round. Although the Denver’s music scene is her "thing”, she has toured on the Vans Warped Tour, helped bring Chicago-based punk festival Riot Fest to the Mile High City in 2013, and has permanent residency on multiple couches in LA. Camera in hand at almost all times, you'll see plenty of local and national coverage form her on the blog.


Matthew Smith


Matt comes to us with a degree in handsomeness and photography from the eastward lands of Chicago, Illinois. A well groomed young man, Matt's passion for mustaches makes him perfect for Denver, and his passion for photography is a perfect fit for Ultra5280. We'd like to keep him!  He loves to blow shit up on occasion on his new X Box One.


McClain Morris


As a California native, snow enthusiast, music connoisseur with a passion for local bands (musicians with a tattoo or mustache is always a plus) I bring the sass to the 5280. I recently graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Creative Writing, Psychology, keg stands, and being okay with losing every football game. As a yogini, you can usually find me anywhere from happy baby pose to happy hour. Fact: I’ve never been stung by a bee, broken a bone, and I have a weakness for Ja Rule.