Robert Castro

Owner, Father & Caretaker (Editor in Chief)

Known by most as "The Don," you can typically find Robert rolling around the Mile High City wearing the most plush mink coats and smoking only the finest Cuban cigars. His inspiration for Ultra5280 came from his first interview with an old friend—Sean Combs—or, Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy.  You say tomato, he says tomato. In any case, Robert did P. Diddy a favor and as the stars aligned, Ultra5280 was created.



Matthew Smith


Matt comes to us with a degree in handsomeness (and photography) from the eastward lands of Chicago, Illinois. A well-groomed young man, Matt's passion for mustaches makes him perfect for Denver - and his passion for photography is a perfect fit for Ultra5280, so we'd like to keep him!  He also loves to occasionally blow shit up on his new XBox One.



McClain Morris

Managing Editor

A California native, snow enthusiast and music connoisseur with a passion for local bands (musicians with a tattoo or mustache are always a plus), McClain brings the sass to the 5280. She recently graduated from CU-Boulder with a degree in creative writing, psychology, keg stands—and being okay with losing every football game. As a yogini, you can usually find McClain anywhere from happy baby pose to happy hour. Fact: She's never been stung by a bee, broken a bone, and has a particular weakness for Ja Rule. Baby boy, put it on her. 



Tiffany Candelaria

Lifestyle Editor 

Tiffany fled the Phoenix desert for the lush trees and hip city of Portland as soon as she was 18 and earned her degree in Communication & Journalism from the U of Portland. Shortly after, her father's hometown of Denver became a happy medium for her and she eagerly dove into the local food, events, and cultural scene. Aside from hugging trees and happy hours, she loves to travel, try new restaurants, research upcoming events, and watch live music. Best of all for us, she loves to write about and photograph her adventures. Some fun facts include visiting 11 countries, attending more Beatles Tribute shows than probably most fifty year olds, and a love of massages and brunch. 



Ashley M. Halligan

Writer & Mischief Seeker

A storyteller, wanderer and lover of jams, Ashley hails from the Appalachian foothills with a degree in journalism, and has landed in Austin, Texas where she writes (mostly music and travel), explores and catches every show she can. When she isn't in the middle of a crowd dancing her ass off, she can be found on the open road with her nomad dog (Timber), sunhat and camera—or, on occasion, vino drunk and booking international flights. She's interviewed folks like Lionel Richie and Lance Armstrong, and is on a steady mission to change the world—one mile, one syllable, and one {mis}adventure at a time.


Kendall Morris


Kendall joined the Ultra team last year after migrating from weatherless California, and has since been getting into local music, local Mexican food, and the Goodwill bargain bins. Kendall enjoys pretending that Wash Park is as good as the beach, drinking too much coffee, and befriending other people’s dogs. Currently studying Creative Writing at the University of Denver, she likes to read books and dance around her apartment to Tune-Yards, stomping loudly, even though her downstairs neighbors aren’t as enthusiastic about art-pop as she. Kendall is passionate about food, painting and glitter, but only when enjoyed separately. (Big sis Mcclain is our Managing Editor)



Mackenzie the Bulldog


Mackenzie is our mascot. She is a bulldog and true to her breed enjoys long naps, stubbornness, and the occasional taping of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. She can often be found around the office napping and snoring. She enjoys dog treats and ice cubes and loves RUN DMC and Kacey Musgraves. She has her own Instagram account Mackenzie_Bulldog