"The Dark Side of Abbey Road" | Petals of Spain & Eldren | The Oriental Theatre | February 7, 2015

Last night we had the opportunity to join Eldren and Petals of Spain in their 3rd annual "The Dark Side of Abbey Road" mashup at the Oriental Theater. Over the years we have grown to love these two bands and the incredible shows they produce, but it's safe to say that they really outdid themselves this past weekend playing to a sold out crowd at this historic Oriental Theatre. Abbey Road was fantastic, and Dark Side of The Moon was memorizing courtesy of Tyler Imbrogno of Eldren crushing the high notes in "Great Gig In The Sky", even Mean Mr. Mustard made an appearance to douse the crowd in silly string. The bands took a short break after the first half of the set, and came back out to jam to some old classics like "Blackbird", "Going To California", "White Rabbit" and "Mr. Blue Sky". Everyone in the crowd clearly had a blast and you could tell how much fun all the band members were having playing these iconic songs. If you didn't get a chance to make it this time around, I'd highly suggest you mark your calendars for next year because this show is definitely worth the ticket. 

Photos and review courtesy of Andrew Rios

Wiredogs | Marquis Theatre | January 24, 2015

Last week we gave you guys a sneak preview of Wiredogs new, upcoming EP Kill The Artist Hype The Trash, and over the weekend the band premiered their new songs to the rest of the universe with their show at The Marquis Theatre on Saturday night. Fans new, old, and of a variety of ages all came out to support the Denver punk-rockers, and get a taste of the bands new, solidified musical direction. With a little help from friends in Slow Caves and Allout Helter, it was a solid night for all parties. 

photo by Matt Smith

Opening the night were fellow local acts Slow Caves and Allout Helter. Fort Collins-based Slow Caves took the stage promptly at 8:00pm, playing what our photographer Matt Smith described as "fast-paced-snare-and-high-hat-punk". The group's music was certainly the lightest of the evening, but don't mistake this fact as a knock on the band, as I really love their music. Driving rhythms, and upbeat pop-punk rhythms kept fans moving for the duration of their 30-minute set. If you showed up late, or missed the show, fear not. Us Denverites will be graced with their presence once again on February 18th as they play with White Arrows and Shady Elders at the Larimer Lounge. Next up was Allout Helter, bringing with them a quick and forceful change of pace. Easily the heaviest band on the bill, the group's high energy was contagious, and got fans rocking and moving. 

By the time Wiredogs took to the stage, the audience was definitely all warmed up and ready to go. Playing a mix of both new and old songs, it was apparent that lead singer Dan Aid, and the rest of the band were giving it their all. Fan favorite tracks like songs “Chelsea Hotel” and “Stone On My Chest” summoned sing-alongs from audience members, and the boys from Slow Caves took little time to start a mosh-pit in the crowd. The band took a minute to explain to fans that they’d recorded their new album live, playing songs track-by-track, rather than instrument-by-instrument to help ensure that all the passion and energy that one feels at their live show came though on the record, and if you remember from my review from last week, I can most certainly feel that difference. Closing the show with songs like “I Am The Resistance”, and new tracks “The Fear Is A Lie”, fans got a great taste of this new sound from Wiredogs. If you missed the show, check out photos from our photographer Matt Smith below and try to pretend you were right there, rocking along. The band is currently out on a quick west coast tour, but should be back to Denver playing shows through the rest of the spring. For now you can quench your thirst for fast-paced punk rock by streaming the new EP, Kill The Artist Hype The Trash on Spotify.

New Music Tuesday | Locals Only Edition: Wiredogs "Kill The Artist Hype The Trash"

Happy New Music Tuesday, friends and foes! This month is packed full of new music from some of our favorite local bands, so brace yourselves as last week, this week, and next week are all heavy hitting hometown releases. Last Tuesday we brought you coverage of the new Filthy T album set to debut this weekend, but they’re not the only band who will be bringing new tunes to your earbuds in the next seven days. Local rockers Wiredogs will be premiering their brand new EP this Saturday night at The Marquis Theatre, but we got our hands on a sneak preview this week to tell you all what to expect. 

This three-piece from Denver are certainly not new to the local scene, nor to rock and roll. Originally named The Hate (a name so punk that they were forced to change it), the groups first EP titled Resistance garnered interest in Denver and led to shows at UMS in 2013 and 2014, performances with Agent Orange, Residual Kid, The Ataris, fellow rock locals In The Whale and more. This past fall they were one of three local bands asked to play at Riot Fest Denver, but they’ve kept a bit quiet since that show, working hard on this new, EP Kill The Artist Hype The Trash. When we first were introduced to the awesomeness that is Wiredogs, it was inherently apparent that there was massive talent and potential spiraling around, but the band seemed unsure of which direction they were headed musically. Straddling the lines of punk, classic rock and even sometimes ska, the groups live show was so high energy and the tracks so catchy that you couldn’t not love it, but every track still felt different from the next…different enough that it left you to wonder what was precisely at play. 

    The groups new EP seems to have taken that next step forward, finally locking their sound to a more specific genre, creating a more coherent experience for the listener. Kicking off with the high energy track “Violence”, frontman Dan Aid’s grungy voice elicits a forced awareness from the listener; one can not passively listen to this album. The driving guitar riffs and consistent melodies roll from track to track, complimented by drummer Stefan Runstrom’s choice to hold nothing back. One of my favorite drummers currently playing in the Denver scene, I really appreciate how much this recording allows the listener to hear him playing as hard as he does at every live show - something hard for an audio engineer to successfully reproduce. This magical drum sound happens to be a known talent of The Blasting Room, the infamous Fort Collins-based studio the band recorded at. Aid has always delivered catchy hooks and memorable chorus’, but there’s something new about the writing on Kill The Artist Hype The Trash that I can’t quite place. The ability for the listener to focus on this more might honestly be thanks to the consistency of the music behind the lyrics, although I can’t be certain. My favorite song of the record is the last track, “Fear Is A Lie”, a memorable, anthemic, beat-driven single thats a surefire hit with both new fans as well as those familiar with the group’s past work. To say i’m anxious to hear these new songs live would be an understatement. I’ve always enjoyed the band’s live show, but I finally feel like the group’s music is consistent enough to make their performances what they’ve always hinted at: a coherent build up of emotion and release, driving impassioned fan reaction beginning to end of the set. 

If you want to check out this newly revised version of Wiredogs, you don’t have to wait long. The band is releasing this brand new EP this coming Saturday, January 24th at The Marquis Theatre. Tickets are going quick, but I implore you to pick one up quick and not miss out on what will be a strong local release of 2015. For now, check out the group's last single, "Chelsea Hotel" here on SoundCloud: 

Catch DeVotchKa Frontman Nick Urata's Music in new Film "Paddington" Out Today

Have you seen the adorable new movie trailers for the film Paddington? It's about a young Peruvian Bear who travels to London in search for a new home, and through some outrageous adventures with his new family, he might just be there for good. This adorable kids movie might sound a little off from our regularly discussed films here, but it's all with good reason. Nick Urata, frontman of Denver group DeVotchKa, actually wrote the score to this film! We all fell in love with DeVotchKa for their work on Little Miss Sunshine, but Urata has also scored films like Crazy, Stupid, Love and Ruby Sparks. If you're looking for a fun film to see with family this weekend, or just looking to celebrate some awesome local success stories, then Paddington just might be the film for you. It hits theaters today, and you can check out the trailer just below: 

If this adorable, fur-filled flick won't quite cut it as your DeVotchKa fix for the month, worry not! The band will be back with their annual Valentine's Day celebration with February 14th at The Fillmore Auditorium. Tickets are available now, but grab them quick before they disappear! 

Locals Only | Breach & Bellow Timelapse Music Video, "The Sun Will Rise"

This weeks Local's Only feature is not only a beautiful visual tribute to the state, but also a awesome showcase of our state's musical talent. Jesse Spencer is a drummer who's performed in many different groups throughout Denver's music scene over the years: The Wild After, Leash of Foxes, Ivory Circle, but recently he's released his first full-length solo record the moniker Breach & Bellow. Mr. Spencer hopped in his Jeep this past November for twelve days to explore the landscape of Colorado and all the magic it has to offer. The result of Jesse's adventure has culminated in a beautiful time-lapse video for the album's second single, "The Sun Will Rise". Featuring backing vocals from Ivory Circle front-woman Connie Hong, this video is not only a dynamic visual of the Rocky Mountains one does not usually see, but also is super cool introduction to one of Denver's newest groups. There are no dates booked to see Breach & Bellow live as of now, but check out the stunning video below and let us know what you think! 

New Music Tuesday | Filthy T's "Twice The World Away, Vol. 1" EP

It’s a new year, so why not jazz up life with a little new music to match? This year KTCL’s Hometown For The Holidays competition formally introduced Denver to Filthy T, a new age rock and hip hop collision who’s produced a sonic boom of funky jams soaring right to our earbuds. Although the band has been together for nearly eight years, this year seems poised to be the band’s biggest yet. We all fell in love with their radio single “Hearts On You” during the Hometown competition, but the band is set to release five more tracks for fans on January 23rd with the release of their new EP “Twice The World Away, Vol. 1”.

A mix of dance beats, funky horn and guitar lines, and upbeat lyrics, the new “Twice The World Away” EP showcases the unique blend of genres the band has mastered during their time together. The calculated feel of the rapping on track “Colors” reminds listeners of the style of Atmosphere, while the next song “Never Been Alone” feels much more closely related to the up-beat, anthemic pop tracks that have been all over the radio lately. Not sure how you’ll feel listening to something so eclectic? I guarantee you’ll be on board by the end of the album’s first track, “Horns”, a high energy welcome to Filthy T family that you can’t sit still to. With distant familiarities to other locals Air Dubai and Bop Skizzum (who they’ve opened for multiple times), Filthy T’s EP is a sampler platter, showcasing the band’s diversity to it’s fullest and acting as an easy introduction for any new fan. Be sure to dig around once you get your hands on the EP for a hidden track that has totally become my jam recently. The band is playing a release party the night of the 23rd at the Marquis Theatre (tickets on sale here) and we’ll be giving away a pair tickets for you and a friend to check it out, so keep your eyes on all things Ultra5280 early next week.

Friday Night Fun | Wild High Album Release feat. Turner Jackson

It's the Friday before Christmas and we are smack in the middle of Hanukkah. Even if you don't admit it, this time of year everyone can get a little overrun by the holiday spirit - sometimes you just need a break from the spiked egg nog and ugly sweater parties. If you're looking for a good excuse to get out of your holiday office party, or just looking for a fun way to spend one of the last Fridays of 2014, look no further than Wild High's release party tonight at the Larimer Lounge. 

Local indie-psych rock band, Wild high, has had a huge year. After joining the Red Bull Sound Select roster wowing crowds with sets on the main stage at Denver's UMS, packing the stage at Denver Psych Fest, and performing a CPR Open Air studio session, the band refuses to end this pivotal year without a band. In fact, they are celebrating the end of the year with the highly anticipated release of their debut 10-track album SDREAMS. 

If you're familiar with Ultra5280, the name Turner Jackson might be familiar. A Local hip-hop artist, and entertainer extraordinaire, Turner helped us get "turnt up" at our Ultraversary party this past April. Tonight he will be opening the show for Wild High, and taking this opportunity to debut his brand new live backing band, an exciting change to the rapper's already charismatic live show. 

Tickets are an easy $10 at the door tonight, and this is a show you do not want to miss! Doors are at 8:00pm, the show at 9:00pm, and we hope to catch a few of you getting down tonight. 

CRL CRRLL | Exclusive Video Premiere | CHEERS

For those of you who didn't make it out to The Solution last Friday to check out the video release of CRL CRRLL's "Cheers", no need to worry we have the exclusive online premiere right here for you to see. This song has been burning up our playlist all Summer long and the video was shot at Meadowlark.

Video directed, shot & edited by Jonathan Martin for Black Sock Productions (http://www.BlackSockProductions.com). “Cheers” produced, written & engineered by CRL CRRLL. Video filmed on location at The Meadowlark during both The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez and Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends. Still photos by Armando Geneyro aka Knower Of The Ledge. Stay tuned for The Solution Tape #2 in February 2015 and CRL CRRLL’s Ghostwaves double-EP in early 2015 and don’t miss The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez, every Friday night at The Meadowlark in Denver, CO!!!