White Arrows & Shady Elders | Larimer Lounge | February 18

Larimer Lounge is always the venue that you look back and say, "I saw that band at Larimer Lounge and look at them now!" That's exactly how I feel about the bands we saw on last Wednesday night. But first, let me preface this review with an apology. First and foremost, I am deeply remorseful for using the hashtag #rockordie during Slow Caves set. I see now that it was a grave mistake and I am forever indebted to Castro and to our followers who had to see that. Secondly, I am sorry for this review being so late. I was one of the many fools who decided to venture up to the mountains for the "snowpocalypse". Which resulted in lot and lots of I70 closures and sitting in my car writing this story in my mind. Anyways, I hope that you fine readers can see past all of my imperfections and still find the time to check out these bands.

This was our second time seeing White Arrows, the first time we saw them was when they opened for The Neighbourhood at The Ogden Theatre. This time around there were less screaming tweens and more swooning 20-somethings. White Arrows definitely has this mysterious, rocker vibe down to a tee and the crowd was picking up what they were putting down, if you can catch my drift. To put it into perspective, in order to get decently close to the front one would have to elbow through 6 chicks staring doe eyed at the musicians and risk a perfectly manicured scratch to the forearm. For good reason though. Their looks and "swag" as the kids are saying were definitely on point, but more so than anything, it was their music.

White Arrows has upgraded from pop-punk into their own distinct genre. Ranging from indie undertones to rockish roots, they've fully grown into their skin. Throughout the night they introduced us to some new songs along with peppering in some of their classics. The new tunes were a refreshing surprise as it maximized the unique sound I mentioned earlier. They seem as though they've stepped away from poppy-ness of their youth and upgraded into full-blown indie heartthrobs. Also, they decided to bring Shady Elders along with them for part of their tour which is just another degree of awesomeness.

Shady Elders was the very first band that I saw play at Larimer Lounge. They opened for Youth Lagoon and immediately I was taken with how amazing they were. Listening to Shady Elders play is reminiscent of your first heartbreak where you were left sulking around solemnly and devastated. Where the only thing that dried your streaked cheeks was finally finding THAT album (you all know what it is...Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst...) that understood exactly what you were going through. The addiction you felt to the album at such a young age, is exactly how every song they play makes you feel.

Lead singer and guitarist, Fox Rodemich has a voice that is like an ethereal lullaby coupled with a Stevie Nicks-esq  raspy-ness. It is beautifully unique and hard to put down in words. We recommend checking them out and listening for yourself. They're Denver local and play a lot of shows around the city. Or as our Managing Editor, Castro likes to do when he finds a new band he loves: grab a bottle of his favorite merlot, pop in a pirated version on Fifty Shades of Grey and listen and cry to the album all night long. 

Check out both White Arrows and Shady Elders on Spotify and iTunes!

The Deep Eddy Vodka Challenge | November 18th | 8-11 PM | Larimer Lounge

Our dear friends at Deep Eddy Vodka are teaming up with InkMonstr, The IndiCard and Larimer Lounge to bring music industry members and friends FREE cocktails and FREE live entertainment on Tues, Nov 18th. RSVP to join the fun! This event is for service and music industry folks. Live music performances from SF1 (who just recently rocked our Ultraween Party) The beautiful and lovely Callie Belo and DJ Pagosa. For ticket information please email DenverDEVChallenge@gmail.com.

Check out the video for what you can expect.

Filthy T | Album Release Show | May 10 | Larimer Lounge

Local group Filthy T will be releasing their first acoustic album on May 10 at Larimer Lounge. As you may be well aware we love giving tickets away here at Ultra5280, why not help celebrate the release album of one of the hardest working bands in Denver. As always check out our Facebook Page for all the deets. In the meantime check out "Can It Be" as featured on their new album. Let's just say we have been blasting this one at the office all week.

Filthy T is the brainchild of six Denverites intent on blending modern rock and smart rap. The band’s signature sound is articulate vocals over soulful guitar parts and driving rhythms.

What We’re About:
The city of Denver is a successful mix of polar opposites – tech startups flourish in a cowboy culture, East Coast and West Coast natives live together in harmony, and hippies and republicans co-celebrate 420. Growing up together in the Mile High City, rapper-producer Russell Ben Hedman and guitarist Joe Barnholt envisioned that the same effortless integration could be achieved in mixing the clever rhythms of hip-hop with edgy rock sounds. The original duo has been joined by bassist Kirby Beegles, drummer Adrian Hernandez, vocalist Nikki Smith and axe man Joe Shull.

Filthy T’s three studio albums to date have garnered continual accolades, including selection for 93.3 KTCL’s Hometown for the Holidays Top 10 and Big Gig Competition Top 10. As a live band, Filthy T has headlined and sold out numerous venues (including the Bluebird Theatre), won a spot as a finalist for Westword's Best of the West, and landed stage time to represent the Denver music scene at the first ever Denver County Fair. The group has opened for touring artists including The Flobots, Vanilla Ice, Rehab and Sidewalk Chalk. The band is also committed to doing great things for the Denver community. Filthy T has organized and played
fundraising concerts for organizations like Children’s Hospital, the victims of the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, Claire Davis (Arapahoe High School shooting victim) and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado.