Air Dubai | Album Teaser and Tour Dates

The boys of Air Dubai have been hard at work in the studio ready to deliver a gem (I have heard the new album, trust me it is a gem). With a slew of dates coming your way, make sure to mark your calendars, who knows you may hear some new material. And don't forget to Be Calm!


8/18 - South Park Summerfest - Fairplay, CO

8/22 - The Waiting Room* - Omaha, NE

8/25 - The Black Sheep* - CO Springs, CO

8/31 - AF Rays (Free Show!) - Greeley, CO

9/01 - CO Mesa University^ - Grand Junction, CO

9/15 - Cervantes% - Denver, CO

*  with Flobots

^  with 3OH!3

% with Deltron 3030

Air Dubai at SXSW: Review

In all my years that I have attended SXSW, I have never seen a stronger contingent of Colorado bands representing. This year brought some of the best that our state has to offer. With a couple of Colorado based showcases, it was easy to catch some of the bands we are accustomed to seeing back home. One band in particular was the guys from Air Dubai, I was anxious to see the reaction from the crowd in Austin for their performance since I know what they are capable of. One of their first stops, (in fact it was their second show that day), was at The Blind Pig, this venue sits interestingly on a patio facing the famous Sixth Street in Austin. I was able to arrive early and meet some other Denver folks including members of My Body Sings Electric, The Epiloques, In The Whale, Mr. Right, and others. The band had one of those performances that I will rant about for days. It was full of hype, energy, and passion, having strangers ask me who these talented musicians were. I have never seen the band do an encore, but the crowd ate up the Dubai vibe so they chanted for more. Aside from the encore, one lucky lady was serenaded for her birthday, something she’ll never forget.  I didn’t get a chance to see the rest of Air Dubai’s shows, but I am sure they left the same impression on Texas as they did this night. Well done guys, well done.  


Air Dubai, Bop Skizzum, Black Prez, and Kids These Days at The Aggie-1/30: Review

 Jon Shockness of Air Dubai serenades the crowd (photo credit Maddie Casey)

Hometown heroes Air Dubai know how to throw a party, and that’s exactly what they did as their Chicago friends Kids These Days came to play in Denver this past weekend for four days of shows. Air Dubai recently stopped in to do an interview with Ultra5280 about their recent successes, and told us a little bit about the “show swap” they were about to embark on with the Chicago-based band. As lead singer Jon Shockness told us, “Basically, they’ll come here and play four shows with us, and then we’ll go to their hometown”. This idea of trading dates is a great option for bands like these two, who have huge draws in their local area, but are still working on making that next step to establishing a more national following. The four days spent here in the Colorado Market went off without a hitch, and I was lucky enough to catch their last show together up in Fort Collins at The Aggie Theater on Sunday night.

Bop Skizzum delivers the funk to the Ft. Collins crowd (photo credit Maddie Casey)
Local support Bop Skizzum opened the show and definitely got the crowd moving. This was the first time the band has played in Fort Collins since the addition of new front-woman Julie Almeria, and the crowd seemed pleased with the lineup change. Playing new songs like “Promiseland”, “Heavy Petting”, as well as old favorites like “Brass in Pocket”, “I’m So Much Cooler”, and “Push”, this 7-piece funk outfit from Denver got the crowd moving and ready for the night. Your Ultra5280 staff will be covering their next big show here in Denver at the Gothic for the First Annual Nerd Prom, so be sure to come say hi and enjoy a night of nerd-rock with us!

Chicago's own Kids These Days wraps up their Colorado tour at The Aggie in Fort Collins (photo credit Maddie Casey)

This was my first time seeing or really listening to Kids These Days, and I was certainly impressed. The seven-piece group based out of Chicago is eerily similar to Air Dubai in a few ways. With the exception of Miss Macie Stewart, the band’s female vocalist and keyboard player, the group has nearly the same line-up of characters as Air Dubai, with the addition of a trombone player, which I LOVED! Their unique flavor of rap meets soul blended into a sweet, undefined genre all their own. Playing a slew of songs off of their newest EP entitled “Hard Times”, as well as their new single “Clear Eyes”, the band stole the crowd with this style unseen in Denver before. Their track “Darling” was stuck in my head the rest of the night, and was so easy to sing along to that the whole crowd seemed to be singing along. The group has played Lollapalooza, been profiled by the New York Times, and has over 16,000 “likes on Facebook”. I have a strong feeling that this group will have no trouble holding onto all of the new fans they reached over their four nights in front of over 1,500 Coloradoans. Their tour with Air Dubai started on Thursday night at The Black Sheep in Colorado, and continued on to A.F. Ray’s in Greeley, The Gothic Theater in Denver, and ended at The Aggie. With their “rock-meets-soul-meets-rap” vibe, I would love to see this band again, and hope that this newly-forged relationship with Air Dubai and Denver’s music scene brings them back soon.

Closing out the night was the one and only Air Dubai. The band hasn’t headlined a show in Denver since October’s Halloween tour where countless other big name Denver bands opened each of their five stops. The band’s massive following were hungry for more, and came out in droves to each of the shows this past weekend. Playing a perfectly balanced mix of songs from the band’s debut full-length album entitled “Wonder Age”, as well as songs off the “Day Escape” EP, fans were into the set from beginning to end. I’ve seen Air Dubai play countless shows over the past few years, and I have to say that the retro, relaxed vibes of the songs on “Day Escape” adds another level to their live performance. My personal favorite is the new song “Summer Solstice”, which guitarist Lawrence Grivich gives a summery vibe through unique guitar licks and warm tones. Vocalists Jon and Julian were on their game, and the crowd felt their energy. As Vic Mensa and other members of Kids These Days joined the group on stage for the song “Lasers”, it was clear to see how much the two groups had bonded in the past four days playing together. These two group’s musical styles could not compliment one another any better. While Air Dubai provided the pumped up, rock side of the equation, Kids These Days compliment Jon’s soulful voice with a slightly more mellow, and almost jazzy feel during some songs. I think there couldn’t have been a more perfect combination or set of bands to be sharing a bill. Time will tell how the Chicago crowd takes to our group of Denver all-stars, but if Kids These Day’s fans take to Air Dubai the same way Denver took to them, we might have to start fighting other markets to keep a consistent flow of Air Dubai shows in Denver, which isn’t really a bad thing... :)

Be sure to check out both bands on Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, whatever tickles your fancy, and let us know what you think! Hopefully we’ll be seeing them again soon.